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Apply Now & Borrow Up To 50% Of The Value Of Your Car When You Qualify.

Once you’re approved for a loan, you’ll give the lender the title to your car and you simply continue driving your car. Loan terms are typically between 30-60 days but they can be up to a year.


Apply Now & Borrow Up To 50% Of The Value Of Your Car When You Qualify.

Once you’re approved for a loan, you’ll give the lender the title to your car and you simply continue driving your car. Loan terms are typically between 30-60 days but they can be up to a year.

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Qualified customers typically receive their funds in as little as one business day.



You can apply for free online or over the phone 7 days a week.



Our agents will verify your information with a hassle-free experience.



Qualified customers typically receive their funds in as little as one business day.

What Is A Car Title Loan?

A car title loan is a loan for a small amount of money and for a short time.

To get a car title loan, you give the lender the title to your vehicle—for example, your car, truck or motorcycle or RV. You also pay the lender a fee to borrow the money. You usually have to repay the loan in 30 days. You need to have equity in your car. Many lenders require that you own the car free and clear, meaning you don’t have a loan outstanding on the car.

Once you’re approved for a loan, you’ll give the lender the title to your car and you simply continue driving your car. Loan terms are typically between 30-60 days but they can be up to a year.

Most title loans can be acquired within 24 hours or less depending on the size of the loan and most lenders typically do not check the credit history of borrowers and only consider the value and condition of the vehicle that is being used to secure it.

How Your Car Is Valued

There are 5 main things the title lender needs to know on the car itself. If you know the VIN number of your car, this will make it much easier and much more accurate to get the correct value.






What You Need To Be Approved

When you get ready to get your money you MAY need the following:

  • Govt. issued photo ID
  • Free and Clean Title
  • Three references not related to you
  • Insurance (some states require this but not all)
  • Social Security Card (or a Document on which your name and SSN both are listed)
  • Pictures of your car (all 4 sides including VIN and Odometer)

We can help you with the above if you don’t have what they need. We may be able to get exceptions you do not because of our experience.

The lender will ask you to sign a loan agreement with them. They will also verify the condition of your vehicle and odometer. They will also be placed as a lien holder on the title until the vehicle title loan is paid off.

Fast Money Car Title Loans in Orlando

Cash is a simple form and a few minutes away.

Typically, when in a financial bind, people hurry to sell their assets – their bikes, jewelry, and cars. But, selling assets can take a long time. There’s an easier way to get cash quickly without giving up your treasured possessions: Car Title Loans.

When you think of “loans,” you may think of a long, bureaucratic process at your local bank. But auto title loans skip the traditional banks altogether, and you don’t need to worry about your credit score, either. Pairing you with a lender local to Orlando, Fast Money Car Title Loans will get you cash quickly: up to 50% of the value of your car in as little as one business day. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to apply – fill out our application form now, and one of our title loan specialists will walk you through the process.


What is an Auto Title Loan?

If you own a car, you own value that you can exchange for a cash loan. A car title loan is when you give your car’s title to a lender in exchange for cash. While the lender will then “own” your car because they then own the car’s title, you’ll still get to drive and keep the car itself – which means you get cash quickly without actually giving up your asset. Highly regarded for its ease and speed, auto title loans are a popular, trusted way to get cash when you’re in a bind. Online title loans are easier than ever to access thanks to our easy application. 

Title loans can be up to 50% of your car’s equity value, and can be acquired in as little as 24 hours. Apply for free online, or call Fast Money Car Title Loans Orlando. We’re available seven days a week – because we know that when you need money now, you don’t have time to spare. 


How Much May I Borrow with an Car Title Loan?

The amount of cash you can borrow from a lender for your car title loan depends upon two factors: your car’s equity value, and how quickly you can repay the loan. We determine your car’s value based on its year, make, model, mileage, and other miscellaneous factors, such as the car’s condition, the size of the engine, and any extra bells and whistles (such as leather seats or a sunroof). We then work with you to understand your ability to repay the loan, and will make an offer depending on these factors. In some cases, the cash offer is typically up to 50% of your car’s equity value.


Why Choose an Auto Title Loan from Fast Money Car Title Loans?

With over 5 years of experience, Fast Money Car Title Loans is the largest most trusted Nationwide Auto title loan referral provider. We’ve worked with countless clients and lenders to streamline every step of the process. Our experience aids us in making the proper loan amount recommendations, and our team of certified experts is always available to answer every question you have. We know that the decision to take out a title loan is a big one, and work hard to make it as easy as possible, getting you cash in as little as one business day. You also don’t have to hop in the car to come into our any office. Simply fill out the easy application to get started, and give us a call if you run into any questions. Financial relief is closer than you think. 


Qualifying for a Orlando Title Loan

There are a few qualifications necessary to take out a title loan in Orlando, but let’s first talk about what you don’t need:

  • You don’t need a good credit score, or any credit score, for that matter.
  • You don’t need to give up full use of your car once the title loan goes through.


What you do need:

  • To have the car paid in full, or almost in full. If you own the car outright, great! If you’ve been financing a newer car, you can take out a title loan only if you’re on your last few months of payment — but the qualifications here differ depending on your situation. When in doubt, call us, and we’ll work through it with you. 
  • In the state of Florida, you do need a bank account to take out an auto title loan. But that’s okay – you can just deposit the cash into your bank! 
  • To have some type of income. This doesn’t mean you need to have a full-time job, or even a part-time one at that: you can be an entrepreneur that brings in some revenue here and there. You can even be retired! We just want to see that you’ll be able to make your monthly payments on your loan. 
  • For the title to be in your name. You can’t give up your car’s title as collateral for a loan in your name if the title itself is not in your name.


Other qualifications are part of the standard approval process. We’ll ask for you to have the following ready, but we may not need all of it:

  • Government-issued ID
  • The original copy of your car’s title
  • Social security card
  • Insurance
  • Pictures of all four sides of your car, then pictures of your odometer (to confirm mileage) and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). The VIN is important for determining your car’s value. To find your VIN, simply look at where your vehicle’s dashboard meets the windshield on the driver’s side. If it’s not there, it may be where the driver’s door latches where it closes. Open the door and assess the side of it. You may also locate the VIN on the vehicle registration card
  • Three references who aren’t related to you


Get up to $50,000* with an Auto Title Loan

Some of our lenders have received as much as $50,000 cash in just a few hours because of the equity value of their car. By this time tomorrow (or even tonight), you could be in the same position and taking home a similar amount, depending upon your car’s equity value. We know how stressful it is to feel strapped financially, and taking out an auto title loan is one of the most flexible ways to get money quickly. By using your car’s title as collateral, you’ll drive away in your own car with a stack of cash and simple terms for paying off your loan. You may worry about your credit score, if it’s low or nonexistent. But, since your loan amount is dependent on 50% of your car’s equity value and your payment terms, your credit score won’t matter as much as it would if you were taking out a different type of loan.


When a Vehicle Collateral Loan is Ideal in Orlando

Various situations can lead you into a financial bind – from medical bills to unexpected expenses from accidents and storms. Maybe your business went under, your dog needed unexpected surgery, or maybe you simply need to make the down payment for your child’s dream school. For whatever reason you need money, the quickest and easiest way to get short term financing is to take out an auto title loan at Fast Money Car Title Loans in Orlando. Some of our clients receive cash in as little as thirty minutes. The process is easy and straightforward: fill out the form on the homepage to apply for free now, or reach us by phone all seven days of the week – because we know financial binds can’t wait. 


Leading Orlando Title Loan Specialists

Our auto title specialists have seen it all before: various financial situations, loan terms, and car values. We’ll work with you over the phone or in person (up to you!) to help you navigate the loan process swiftly and efficiently. Because of our years of experience, we’ll have the answers to all of your questions, and ensure you have all the information you need in navigating your car title loan.


Fast Money Car Title Loans Help You Access $1,000 Or More

Praised as the easiest way to unlock short term financing, at least $1,000 can be in your pocket by tonight by taking out a car title loan. You’ll sign a loan agreement with your lender once you agree to applicable terms, hand over your title, and get to keep your car as you recoup your finances. Many people in financial binds need to keep their cars to pick up their kids from school or make it into work everyday – by giving up your car’s title as collateral, you’ll still be able to move freely about Orlando as you make your monthly payments and pay back the loan. 


Auto Title Loans Or Payday Loans?

Taking out an auto title loan can be easier than doing a payday loan. While both are certainly options when you’re in a financial bind, payday loans are taken out when you borrow a certain amount from a lender, and write them a check for that exact amount for a later date – usually 14 days later. You work with the lender to decide upon a finance fee or interest rate, and incorporate that into the check amount. 


Interest rates for payday loans are typically dependent on your credit score, which means your interest rates could be astronomical if you have low or no credit. Because your credit score doesn’t matter nearly as much for auto title loans, chances are that your interest rates will be lower. 


Paying off the Car Title Loan Orlando

Because auto title loans are the preferred option for short-term financing, it’s important to know that the loans typically need to be paid off within 30 days. But, that’s usually enough time to get you back on your feet after an unexpected financial catastrophe. Interest rates on your loans will differ, but we’ve seen an average interest rate of 96% compounded daily. The sooner you pay off your loan, the less interest you’ll owe.


Not Available in All States

Due to certain lending laws, Car Title Loans are not available in all 50 states.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first step is to fill out the quick pre-approval web form. Our lenders will ask for a full application if it looks like you have a strong possibility of getting the loan. The pre-approval web from is only a few questions and will tell us about you and your vehicle. Once we know this, we can figure out what lender will work for you and connect you to that lender. In some cases the lender may tell us the pre-approval amounts and ask us to help you with the process… to a point. The very private information will be between you and your lender and not us. Once you know what you can get you can decide if you want the loan and proceed of not… and all this is without ANY cost to you. If you get the loan, then you would pay the lender, not us, for the loan and interest and any fees incurred.
This is a secure loan based on the equity value of your vehicle and your ability to repay the loan. You still get to drive the car but you also get the cash.
* Govt. issued photo ID (Like an I.D. or Driver license). * F Free and Clean Title in most cases but some lenders will allow a small amount to pay off on your behalf. * Three references not related to you. * Insurance. * Social Security Card (or a Document on which your name and SSN both are listed) * A checking account may be needed in some states (we can help on this too!).
No. One loan, one car, one person. If you are married and the title is in both of your names, each person can get a car title loan seperately in most cases and the ability for both of you to repay the loan.
In the Los Angeles area and parts of Florida and Texas yes. All other areas no.
Yes. If you are traveling out of state, you will need to sign the paperwork in the state of which you live.
Well that's a maybe. Most lenders we work with can incorporate the last couple payments into a car title loan but this is only done on newer cars.
Not at all. That is one of the great things about a car title loan. You can have little, bad or even no credit at all.
Some of them do. Most are looking to see if you are in active credit counseling prior to bankruptcy or in active bankruptcy now. They know your credit may not be that great because that’s why you need a loan – to help out.
This varies but we want to give you a pretty clear answer here. Title loans are high interest loans and are meant for short term needs. Interest rates vary by company and by state. Some are as low as 52% per year compounded daily and some go into the 200-300% range per year. In our experience we have seen an average of about 96% per year compounded daily. The best way to think about this is take out one dollar and you pay back a little less than two… if you kept the loan out for a whole year. You can triple that if you take it out for 3 years.
You have to have some sort of income period. We are more concerned about the fact that you have a way to pay the loan then the question if you are employed. You can be self- employed, or even receive income from some source other than an employer but we will require that you show there is some income to cover the payments.
Yes. You can even be on disability. The key issue is that you have a source of income to pay the loan.
In some states we have seen people get their money in less than 30 minutes. Other states a few days. We will have you pre-approved in a matter of minutes. Then the paperwork is about 15 minutes of your time. Of course, plan on spending some time picking up your money.
100% yes. The lenders do not hold your vehicle at all.
Actually yes in most states if you want to. You will need to call us to see where this is available but we can help.
Yes and No. You may be thinking about a payday loan which does require this but we do not require a bank account at all in the majority of the states BUT there are some states you do like Florida.
We are like you on this issue. We care a great deal about your privacy. You should know that we will never sell or distribute any information you give us to anyone other than the direct lender. We will not do business with a lender that sells or shares your information with anyone other than themselves. Additionally, your information is safe because we do not distribute your private information to multiple lenders, only one at a time based upon you’re okay that the first lender was not the car title loan company you wanted. We will then take the title loan information and send it to another lender but only upon that condition.
We use the standard and the enhanced information. The standard information is the vehicle mileage, year, make and model but we go further with our enhanced process and add to it the color of the vehicle, the condition, the edition of the model, the engine size and the options that the vehicle has installed like a sunroof or if it has leather seats. The more you tell us about your vehicle the greater we can give you a loan amount to the max...MaxCash!
You will need to apply at the Secretary of State for a duplicate title. There are exceptions to this rule so let us know that this situation exists.
If it is a spouse then whomever the title name is will have to sign the loan documents but if it is someone you do not know or a friend, then that will not work.
You will get a release of the lien upon paying off the loan and you can then attach this to your title or send it in to the Secretary of State to have a fresh title without the lender on there.
This is a great question so let's discuss it openly. The fact is you are using your vehicle to get a loan. You are telling the lender that should you not pay the loan, that they can get the vehicle from you for sale so they can pay off the loan and give you the remaining proceeds if any. The fact is most lenders dislike doing this and it us used as a very last resort because not only is it very expensive to do this but also they know that you will never want to be a customer again. They also know that they will lose money when they auction it off and the end result is no-one wins! Most Lenders will do whatever they can to make sure that you can pay this loan and you will return as a happy customer. They want your word-of-mouth business and to do this they have to lend responsibly and you have to borrow the same.


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Once you decide to repair, replace, or install a new roof, it is time to hire a roofing company. Unfortunately, some homeowners prefer doing roofing repairs in their homes. They cause more damages. In the end, they are forced to hire a professional roofer to repair their roofs. Here are the benefits of hiring a roofing company in Orlando FL.

1. Perfect Job Roofing companies hire professional roofers, who are professionally trained. They always do an excellent job. They replace, repair, and install roofs for a living. So, they are always learning. In fact, they install energy-saving and environment-friendly roofs. And they offer professional advice.

2. Increase Your Roof’s Lifespan Maintaining your roof properly increases its lifespan. Neglecting your roof decreases its lifespan. Hiring a roofing company increases the lifespan of your roof. How? The company thoroughly inspects the roof. And repairs small issues before they become big issues.

3. Warranty Most roofing companies stand behind their workmanship and the spare parts, which they use. So, they give their clients a warranty. A warranty gives you peace of mind. You know if something happens to your roof during the warranty, the company does the necessary repairs for free. These are the benefits of hiring a roofing company in Orlando FL.



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Are you planning a trip to Orlando, Florida? If so, you will not be disappointed. However, there is so much to see and do in the area that proper planning can help you make the most of your time there. Read on for tips that you can use when traveling to Orlando. One thing you should consider is how long you will be staying in the area. Do you have a specified time you plan to visit the city? Or, do you want to stay as long as it takes to do all that you want to do? Having an idea as to how long you want to stay in Orlando will help with your planning. Then, you should think about what you want to do while you are in the area. Yes, there are so many fun things to do that it can get overwhelming just thinking about it. But, by taking some time to prioritize your list, it can help you decide how you will fit it all in. Another thing that is good to think about is where you want to stay in Orlando. This is another thing that can be overwhelming with all the nice places to stay. By taking some time to think about what you want to do and see, and where you want to stay, you can have a great trip to Orlando.


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